Tierra del Fuego National Park

Activities in Lapataia, Laguna Negra, Pampa Alta, Cerro Guanaco

Pampa Alta trail

Panoramic view of the Beagle Channel and Pipo Rivers Calleys. The trail starts at Ensenada Bay, camping site, by the pilot Stream (long option) or from rut nº3 (short option) and goes down by the trail witch connects with the Pipo Rivers road.

Difficulty: Medium, it takes 2 hs.
Costera trail

Walking alone the marine shore, this trail goes through Guindo and Canelo forests. The footpath starts at the Zaratiegui Cove or at the crossing of Roca lake in nº3 national road.

Difficulty: Medium, it takes 3 hs.
Hito XXIV trail
This path goes along the north east coast of the Roca Lake the border between Argentina and Chile. The trail starts from Roca lake parking area.
Difficulty: Medium/ duration 3 hs.
Cerro Guanaco trail
from the top of the mountain, 970 meters above the see level, there is a wonderful view of the fueguian Range and it peat-bogs. The trail starts at the same place as Hito XXIV, but goes upwards to the right after crossing the Guanaco Stream.
Difficulty: Hard/ duration 6 hs.
Foot path in Lapataia area
Difficult: soft/duration 2 hs
National Park full day

Enjoy the National Park of Tuerra del Fuego plenty, walking by footpaths that border the beagle Channel and rowing in canoes until the end of the world. With Ushuaia Outdoors you are going it be able to discover the best thing of each place.

We propose a different excursion to you with long walks by the fueguino forest where your going to find red foxes, rabbits, eagles ducks steam and woodpeckers.

The surrounding is unique. We took you to know turbales and castoreras and to row in to the rivers until reaching our most austral point: Lapataia Bay.

Description: we leave from the city of Ushuaia and we go to the National Park of Tierra del Fuego. We began the excursion walking by a footpath that crosses 6km bordering the Beagle Channel. Then we took you to our camping where we wait you with the lunch, we rest with the best views of the Green Lagoon and prepared ourselves to go down the river rowing until Lapataia Bay. Once we arrived to Lapataia, we disembarked and we began an easy walk visiting castoreras and turbales. From here we return to Ushuaia.

The route can be altered due to climatic conditions.

Duration: 8 hs.
Food: choripanes and snack
Groups: 10 passengers.