Summer Activities

Tierra del Fuego National Park

Activities in Lapataia, Laguna Negra, Pampa Alta, Cerro Guanaco
In the National Park you can find a variety of walking trails. You can choose different difficulty walks that take from two hours to a full day.


You will enjoy a trekking along this natural environment
Ushuaia allows you to follow in the footsteps of the great explorers throght untouched forest, glacial valleys and the snowy peaks of the Martial Mountains. From this city you can make hikes to different points of Tierra del Fuego that take from 40 minutes to 4 hours.


Come meet the beavers

Tierra del Fuego is full of Beavers dams, and have you noticed you hardly ever its owners? Since beavers come out in the evening, there are couple of tourists companies that offered to pick up you at the hostel around 5pm and take you do their Winter cabins where they will treat you take dinner and wine, and then take you for a walk to the dams to take a peak at this shy and funny looking creatures.


Penguins Papua Albatrosses and other birds
Venture trip combines our mini-bus shuttles, sailing and hiking, visiting the traditional Estancia Harberton, crossing the canal by boat and landed on semirigid Martillo Island to experience a walk alone among the species that live there: Penguins Papua Albatrosses, Petrels skuas, cormorants, vultures, South American terns and other birds.

Gable Island

Harberton ranch, Isla Gable, Isla Martillo, Beagle Channel
Experience a flood of Yamana’s history, landscape, flora and fauna, colours and textures on a unique and unhabited, striking island, rowing, trekking or glide through the water of the Beagle Channel in a semi inflable boat, this little visited part of Tierra del Fuego will leave you speechless.


Sailing through the Beagle Channel
There are some options of excursions you can choose, we recommend you to do at list traditional sails, visit the light house of Les Eclairs, the see lions Island, the birds island and the trekking in the bridges island (sometimes included and sometimes not).

Lakes in 4 x 4

Visit the lakes Escondido and Fagnano
There is one lake on the way to tolhuin called Lago Fagnano witch is huge and you also see waves in it sometimes. Also very near there is Escondido Lake witch means hidden Lake, surrounded by mountains and lenga forest, has and incredible beauty. To visit the lakes there are different alternatives.