Lakes in 4 x 4

Visit the lakes Escondido and Fagnano
There is one lake on the way to tolhuin called Lago Fagnano witch is huge and you also see waves in it sometimes. Also very near there is Escondido Lake witch means hidden Lake, surrounded by mountains and lenga forest, has and incredible beauty. To visit the lakes there are different alternatives.

Option 1

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Option 2

Leave from the hostel by minibus, pass the Garibaldi step where you can see spectacular views of the lakes Escondido and Fagnano. Then continue towards the Fagnano Lake, once you arrived you start a walked by the coast of Fagnano lake that has an extension of 110 km. 

Afterwards you prepared to begin a smooth long walk on the North shore of the Escondido Lake, where you visited castoreras hidden in the forest. Then you are going to arrived at a refuge where they would be waiting with a barbecue, you hace lunch enjoying the views of the Lake and then prepared yourseld to cross it rowing by Canadian cannons and to arrive finally at the Hostería Petrel.

Option 3

Off road 4×4: accede to the Garibaldi step, a panoramic pint that allows to see the lakes Escondido and Fagnano, the you turn aside of the route 3 to catch the old tracks of woodcutters, the Land Rover allows to arrive at places where it is impossible to access in other way, forests, mud, stones. The Fagnano Lake surprises with its dimensions and the incredible landscape. After surroundins the lake with the truck you have a barbeque at the coast of Fagnano Lake, while the food is prepared we made a long walk by the zone.

After having lunch and recovering energies the continuous adventure in the lake Hidden, of smaller dimensions but surrounded by incomparable a natural frame. We prepared the canoes, and to row, cross the lake until the hostería Petrel.