Gabe Island

Harberton ranch, Isla Gable, Isla Martillo, Beagle Channel
Experience a flood of Yamana’s history, landscape, flora and fauna, colours and textures on a unique and unhabited, striking island, rowing, trekking or glide through the water of the Beagle Channel in a semi inflable boat, this little visited part of Tierra del Fuego will leave you speechless. The adventure begins in the mythical Harberton ranch, From here to Isla Gable: rowing or navigating. On this incredible Island we make base in our cabin that dates of the beginninf of 19th century, a pictures shelter that we modernized without altering its history.
The lunch and discussions will submerge us even more in the history of this legendary eanch. Afterwards we go on a venture trail (3 to 7 km) in witch we unveil the mysteries of every corner, every tree and every animal we may find. And the one thing missing to take this excursion unique: a navigation to Isla Martillo, where we find the only penguin colony in the Beagle Channel.