You will enjoy a trekking along this natural environment

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Glaciar Martial

The best way to get here is taking a taxi to the base of the mountain, where you can either take the chair lift and then walk your way up to the glacier, or take the extra walk instead of the chair lift (30 minutes) and trek all your way to the glacier, where you will enjoy a beautiful view of the Beagle Channel and the city of Ushuaia.

You can do it all the year. In winter there are some ski rental and a small but very good ski resort.

Duration: 2:15
- Please ask at reception about chairlift season.

Old prisoners trail

The prisoners used to taken on the rain to the mines and the forest, to cut Wood for the prisons carpentry and to use as fuel of heating. The trails starts in Maipu and 12 de Octubre. Walk downOld prisoners trail 12 de Octubre street, you will cross Buena Esperanza stream and (km 0.6), and the famous 5 esquinas (5 corners), km 0,9. Still walking down 12 de Octubre street, cross Aonik Street until you hit N.Leandro Alem (km 1,9)

Here you will find marks of where the train trails used to be, start walking down this trail you will find and other lenga forest, that replaced the deforestation of 1950.

Duration: 40 minutes.

Cerro del medio

Start by finding Lasserre Street, it is in perpendicular to the Av. San Martin, now start walking up towards the mountain, cross the Alem Avenue, continue walking, you will find the Ushuaia Hotel. Now go left, keep the hotel on your right and keep walking up the next street. Keep walking through this street witch will lead you to pass around a park, then a water distiller. Now keep walking straight up and make you’re between the house and the river (the river must always be on your left), if you are followed by dogs you can pretend to grab a stone and they will run away.

Down the path you will cross throught woods and at the end, as the trees get shorter you will find a clearing. As you turn towards the Beagle Channel you will enjoy the breath taking view of the city and the channel. If you see fences just go in, there are not private properties.

Duration: 4 hours.

Playa Larga

A nice and easy walk near the beagle coast. Take a taxi to Playa Larga, where the roads end there is and old light house. From there follow a Little trail into the forest, cross the gate and keep going, you will find la Estancia El Tunel, witch if you taken a boat trip before you will know about. It is one of the first farms in Ushuaia, after Harberton. It is abandoned this days but the walk it worth it. If it’s a sunny day take some time and food and have a picnic.

Duration: 1:30 minutes.

Hiking Mount Pelado

Mounts UshuaiaWould you like to have Ushuaia at your feet? By climbing this mountain, we will enjoy walking on a path with almost no impact from humans, through the fueguinian forest. And from the summit get ready for 360º of the greatest show on the earth: north, south, east and west of the southern city in the world and the surroundings.

We will take a step path, and as we hike and discover the forest, we will learn everything about the vegetation. The openings amount the trees, we will allow us from windows to delight us with a vast view of the city. Near 600 mts high (about 2000 fear), your legs begin to cry out we are also in vacations!. And so we found ourselves trapped on the last line of low and tangled up ñires: the end of the forest: 30 minutes more and we would find the summit and the reward up there will be priceless.

From the top a hole new world rises. Both mountains, Olivia and 5 hermanos give us the impression there are going to fall on us. Behing Navarino Island the Murray pass shows up. Our beautiful Ushuaia is right there, with it entire splendour, all the way to mount Susana. We keep turning to discover mountain rangers and passes, Valleys and glaciers. The beagle Channel would show up in its maximum expression. We come back home when pour legs have no more strength. Downhill with dirty pants, the bottle empty of water and the camera full of pictures

Ask in the reception for your reservation.

Laguna Esmeralda

Take a transfer to Altos del Valle (a winter resort cabin). Don’t forget to arrange your pick up time with the bus driver.

At Altos del Valle walk into the cabin and let them know you want to do Laguna Esmeralda: They’ll write your name down, give you a little map and charge you $6, so once you are back you should let them know. They will also offered you a guided walk, but is easy enough to do I ton your own.

Duration: 3 hours.

Laguna Esmeralda LakeFrom here you can continue to the Ojo del Albino Glaciar, but if you do it, remember to leave very early because you have to add and others 4 hs to the road. There are different tourist companies to take you here. Crossing turbales, rivers, and lenga forest with the possibility of watching condors, beavers and foxes. To begin you will surround the lake and start ascending the mountain, through ice and stones (grampons are supplied). You’ll stop at various view points where you’ll be surprised by the spectacular view of the glacier and mountains. And don’t forget to tell the people of Altos del Valle. There is a camping spot at Laguna Esmeralda, it is very cold.

Glaciar Vicinguerra

Go to the national rut nº3 until you get to valle de Andorra.

Paso de la oveja

You’ll need three days to complete this trekking, ask the front desk for information, remember to let civil security and hostel reception know when you leave for a long or difficult trekking.

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